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GPS Smart Locator

4G VoLTE Calling

App Remote Viewing

Medicine Reminder



24hr Medical Vital Signs Monitoring for

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • SpO2
  • ECG



Big Screen, Easy Interaction

The wearable features an easy to use large, 3D touch screen. The 1.5” screen is high resolution with bright colors and crisp display, even in glaring light.

Active Adults 55 Plus-oriented Interface Design

With big and easy to read icons and fonts, large keys and full screen touch
operation screen, the wearable is very user friendly.


More Accurate Positioning, More Relieved Care
Set up A Geofence, Ensure Seniors’ Safety

With dual satellite GPS system, a loved one’s location can be checked anytime and anywhere.
By using Ingeni Health App, you can enable the function of Geofence, mark safe zones, and
receive a warning if the individual is leaving the secure area.


Remote Sound Listening
Timely Rescue for Emergency

When the remote guarding function is enabled, the caregiver can hear the sound around the Health Wearable via the Ingeni Health App, and gain realtime information on the state of your loved one and the surrounding environment.


One-button Emergency Contact Calling

Equipped with one-button emergency contact calling, the device makes it easy for seniors to press the SOS emergency contact button on the broadside of the Health Wearable to call for help when they are in an emergency situation.

You can designate a number of your neighbour, or property management officer, or a nearby relative as your emergency contact for quick rescue.


Intelligent ECG Monitoring
Good care for the Loved one’s Heart Health

With the Ingeni Health App, the device is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram, which can detect an abnormal heart rate, Artrial Fibrillation (AF) and more.


All Day SpO2 Monitoring

With a revolutionary new Blood O2 sensor, the device monitors the loved one’s SpO2 accuracy and truth. If SpO2 lovel is lower than 90%, please make the decision to supplement oxygen as soon as possible to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Prevention of Heart Diseases

This smart Health Wearable can accurately monitor a loved one’s heart rate in real-time during the day or even while sleeping. If the Active Adults 55 Plus’s heart rate is abnormally elevated, the caregiver will receive a real-time early-warning via the Ingeni App.


Beautiful Sound, Easy Communication

The Ingeni wearable professional BOX sound cavity
design amplifies volume for a better sound
clarity and quality, especially
in an open air environment.


Only Connect with Those You Trust

With the Ingeni Health App, the caregiver can register trusted contacts for calling or
texting. Only those predesignated contacts can call or text the wearer, eliminating
the worry of fraudulent callers.


Better Health Reminder

Simply swipe up from the home screen to set your customized alarm, including wake up alarm, appointment prompt, medicine reminder and meal time reminder.


Waterproof IP67 Convinient to Use

The Ingeni wearable is water proof with the ability to protect against liquids, including drips, sprays and moisture. You can confidently wear your wearable washing hands, taking a shower or walking on a rainy day.

Washing hands and face, or rain splash will not affect normal use.

Please dry the device after getting wet.

Note: The Health Wearable is not a medical device. The results and suggestions are for reference only.

Magnetic Charging Cable, Utterly Effortless Charging

With the magnetic charging cable, it is simpler for seniors to refill the 580mAh built-in battery. It’s
very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment. Simply hold the connector near the back of the Health
Wearable where the magnets cause it to snap into place automatically.

Ingeni Health App Start Remote Care at Your Finger Tips

You can use rich functions such as remote positioning, remote health monitoring and care setting
voice reminder to help you keep abreast of the loved one’s health.