Sleep Is (Definitely) the New Sex

Yes, this is something of a blanket statement. But everything else put aside, we are presently living in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic.


Everybody wants it. Everybody needs it. But not everybody gets it; or at least enough of it. Those who do get enough of it seem happier and more energetic after it.

Though not always spoken about in the open, it’s somehow always been the talk of the town ever since you started growing up. Even today, you read about it everywhere, watch on the tv, and even get to see some of the action in person.

It’s so pervasive that you’re sure your peers can tell when you haven’t got enough of it. But, most of all, you wouldn’t even be here reading this without at least some of it. 

That’s right, mate. SLEEP is most definitely the thing your life revolves around, even if you haven’t realized it yet.

Enough pillow talk, let’s see why sleep is the new sex. Yes, get off your pillow and open your eyes up for a bit right now, please.

Why Is Sleep So Important?

Seriously though, sleep and the rest that comes with it are as real and important as anything else in life. If you don’t believe this, or worse, haven’t heard much about this – it means that you’re probably living under a rock – or away from the digital world – which in today’s world passes off as the same thing.

Famous people are talking about sleep all the time. Sure, there are the exceptional geniuses who want to make you believe that it’s a waste of time and you don’t need much of it, but just really think about it for a bit. Or better yet, try it out for yourself. Record your daily activities along with your mood and energy levels for a week of sleeping for eight hours a day, as opposed to say sleeping for five hours a day. I think we already know the result of such an experiment.

Anyway, Mathew McConaughey sleeps for nine and a half hours each day. Why? Because he needs it. The man has blatantly accrued much of his success to only a handful of healthy habits that he’s created for himself and stuck with. Getting a night of good sleep is high up on the list. His wife doesn’t mind this about him at all. In fact, she does her bit in making sure he gets his nine and a half hours because she would rather not deal with him being cranky and whiny if he doesn’t complete it through the rest of the day. Mathew strongly believes that his sleep helps him restore himself while also allowing him to perform his daily duties with more energy and a lot more effectively.

Besides the fact that Mathew almost always transpires a good level of belief in those who listen to him and what he has to say, science has been his greatest ally in his argument backing the power of sleep.

So, What Does Science Have to Say About Sleep?

Science has and always will back the need and importance of a good night’s sleep in maintaining the overall health of a person. Right through history, every being has quickly evolved itself into realizing its circadian rhythms or internal clocks. This clock then goes on to dictate much of how the person would function through the hours we have each day. A majority of beings quite naturally adapt to sleeping during the nights and waking/working during the day.

Improve Your Sleep Drive

Here’s another catchphrase for you – Natural medicine/therapy are the new pharmaceuticals.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your sleep drive –


Additionally, you can –

Try CBD –

 Helps in relaxing the body and mind from anxiety and stress while also aiding a growing-larger-by-the-minute group of people with sleeping better and on time.

Try Melatonin supplements

Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical hormone created and used within and by our bodies to help us sleep.

To Conclude

Just like orange is the new black, 40s are the new 30s, and nose-rings are the new earrings – sleep is the new sex. And, getting a good amount of it is going to help get more of what’s cooking in your mind right now. And why the hell not? Just scroll back up and read the benefits of sleep and how it can improve the quality of your life.

If it hasn’t yet come to you, now is the best time to learn and then improve your sleep life. Get on board, man. For, the train along with all the gravy you will ever need leaves the station at least once every twenty-four hours. All you have to do is sleep back and enjoy the time spent under.

Happy sleeping (and sweeter dreaming) to you my friend.

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