Spice up your tantric sex experience with CBD

Spice up your tantric sex experience with CBD

Spice up your tantric sex experience with CBD

As interest in Cannabis is increasing widely, many types of research are being done to find out if CBD can enhance the experience of tantric sex.

We know that Tantra was originated in India many centuries ago and indicates the mindful sexual union of the couple encountering the spiritual ecstasy, adding CBD to our routine can help in connecting at a deeper level with the partner.

How does the practice of tantra help with intimacy? 

How-Can-CBD-Help-with-IntimacyTantric Sex is different from other types of intercourse. It helps you reach a deeper state of awareness, transcendence, and intimacy. Think of mindfulness – you must be aware of it in your daily activities but you might have not known about its benefits in bed. Find them below:

  • Different from all types of sex – Tantra is entirely different from how people observe sex or porn. While porn is all about performance and presentation, tantra helps you slow down and get out of this performance mindset to enjoy intimacy and sexual intercourse in a unique way like never before.
  • Improved Communication – Since tantric sex focuses on exactly what you are experiencing and what you want to experience. For example, how it feels when you are touched at a certain part of your body, you can explain to your partner that you like being touched there or not. It is the arousal point for you or not. That’s what the purpose of Tantra is.
  • Redefine what sex is – Practicing tantric sex means leaving behind the expectations we keep for sex. Before indulging in tantric sex, you should not focus on how it is going to be instead the focus must be on how you want it and feel it. Tantric sex helps you open up with your partner and enjoy sexual intercourse.

How does CBD work in a relationship? 

CBD helps your sexual intimacy improve with your partner. Let’s understand it in detail below:

  • Stronger and more energetic – CBD comes with many potential benefits when it comes to sexual benefits. As aging comes with many health issues, one of the prominent issues is erectile dysfunction. Aging produces a toxin in the body called dioxin which impacts genital health. CBD is very impactful in treating it. CBD helps in repairing the damaged tissues and hence improves the blood flow in the genitals.
  • Improved sexual activity – Sexual intercourse is not as easy as it is thought about. Technically speaking it is indeed complicated. The reason being sexual desire plays a crucial role in it. Our body possesses sexual inhibition system and sexual excitation system. These functions need to work properly to enhance sexual pleasure. CBD helps in decreasing the level of stress and anxiety that makes you more active in intimacy.
  • Better Orgasm – There is no surprise that sex helps in intensifying your relationship but what feels good is when you orgasm to the best. CBD helps in enhancing the libido, produces longer-lasting erections, and delays ejaculation.

How CBD affects sexual pleasure? 


To an average person, the feeling of falling in love is nothing less than flying in the sky or walking in the air or warm apple pie. But its definition is different in terms of science. The feeling of love is simply a chemical reaction in the brain which releases the stimulant called phenylethylamine (PEA). Foods like chocolate or smoking cannabis right before sex produce this stimulant. Now let’s understand how cannabis works for Tantra Sex.

The flowers of the cannabis plant contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which connects with the receptors in our brains to make us feel happy and relaxed. This produces a little extra dopamine in the body and makes you feel lightweight and easy going.

However, all bodies are different. It is not necessary that THC affects everyone the same. For different people, the dosages of CBD can be different. It may work in little dosage for one while others may need it a little more. You are advised to stay within the range of consumption of CBD which is from 2.5 mg to 5 mg. This will not make you high instead you will get a subtle relaxation, heightened senses, and smooth feeling of having a great time with your partner. CBD is available in many forms like CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies or CBD vape. You can consume it directly in the form of oil or add it your food or drink or you can smoke it out to feel the pleasure and happiness in yourself.

Wrapping up 

In the end, combining cannabis and sex is all about finding the perfect balance. Including CBD with your tantric sex may help in reaping all the benefits you expect.

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