Staphylococcus Aureus: Staph Infections

A bacterium called staphylococcus is responsible for a staph infection; it can occur on the skin and nose even if you are healthy and fit. This bacterium mostly results in small skin infection. It can be fatal if it enters deep inside the body's vital organs like lungs, heart, bones, blood vessels, and joints.    

Symptoms of a staph infection include  

  1. Boils- development of boil with pus inside it in the hair follicle and oil glands. Redness and swelling in the skin.  
  1. Impetigo- It is contagious and results in painful rashes 
  1. Cellulitis- It occurs in deeper layers of skin and results in redness and swelling.   

You can get infected from a person carrying staphylococcus bacteria; however, you are safe if it results in infection because you can see it. It is transmitted from one to another by physical contact.   

These bacteria can easily sustain your daily accessories like towels, pillows, and surfaces of furniture. 

By following some safety measures, you can get rid of this bacterium such as  

  1. Proper sanitation  
  1. Keeping wounds closed  
  1. Washcloths in hot water  
  1. Take food safety precautions  
  1. Do not share your personal items 

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