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How & Why Does Libido and Sexual Drive Change During and After Your 40s


Living life is like running a marathon. Where everything is not about the race itself, but is also about the journey of preparation for it. While running the marathon, we need to conserve our overall energy to move ahead at a steady pace while also leaving room for a few bursts of energy along the

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally

Increase your sex drive naturally

Low sex drive can affect a healthy relationship adversely. Main causes of decreasing sex drive include depression, poor sleep, bad eating habits, menopause, aging, lack of physical activity and many more. This blog highlights the best ways to boost sex drive naturally.

How Sex Is A Great Stress Buster

Sex is a stress buster

Sex and stress are linked in several ways. Most of us know this already and feel it unmistakably when an incredibly stressful week zaps us off our sex drive. But while stress can cause low libido, sex can also be a great stress reliever. Sex is a terrific way to release built-up tension.

All You Need To Know About The pH Of The Vagina

The PH Level Of Vagina

We know that the pH reading explains its nature — whether acidic or basic(alkaline). But, what about the pH of body parts? Let’s say, the pH of the vagina. Do they possess any pH reading too?  The answer is yes! Interestingly, despite being a part of the same body, they all have a different nature.

13 Sex Drive Killers


Being sexually incapable of satisfying one’s partner is one of the most disturbing thoughts for a relationship. Its prolonged existence can permanently affect one’s sexual drive, but it is easily curable in its early stages; one needs to address the issue and the associated causes. Let’s talk about the common sex-drive killers.

Sex and CBD: Here’s how CBD may improve your sex life

CBD may help improve sex life

Sex life is very crucial. It can make or break a relationship. Besides this, sex has a lot of health benefits. It is important for the overall well-being of a person. Good sex life can help in improving cardiovascular health and keep other health issues at bay.

Everything You Need To Know About The Average-Sized Penis

Everything you need to know about Average Sized Penis

The average penis size has always been a lingering question for men and their vitality. They want to know whether they have the required physical assets to attract and satisfy their partner. It can indeed be a concern as a man’s perception of his penis size can impact confidence and a positive body image.