The Effects Of Bad Habits on Your Libido and Sexual Desire

The Effects Of Bad Habits on Your Libido and Sexual Desire


A must-read for those who consume too much alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, salt, sugar, workout too much or too little, and/or don’t get enough rest or sleep. Out of some other important departments in life like our physical wellbeing, mental health, emotional balance, earning a living, establishing your status in society, etc., sexual wellness sometimes gets slid under the rug and remains there until some awakening/disaster has occurred.

And when it does occur, the importance of subjects, habits, and other associated things that may have been avoided, ignored, neglected, or suppressed for too long begins to resurface. This then shows the levels of damage and early-future threats we’ve been giving ourselves. And in some cases, they can even be irreversibly damaged beyond repair. Although such harsh news may come as a shock, it has always been years in the making in more situations than not. And such may be the effects of bad habits and routines in one’s life. In this blog, we will specifically see the effects of bad habits on your overall libido and sexual wellness.

Bad Habits and Their Effects on Your Libido & Sexual Drive


Bad habits may be described as all those practices that are detrimental to the overall health and wellbeing in the present and the future of any individual or group. Even though we know how several (physically visible) bad habits that may affect our lives, we are still unsure of how to fully identify and categorize the several other abstracts that may also contribute to an innocuousness in health.

Although it is extremely normal and natural for individuals and couples to go through dry spells of not wanting to turn on the heat – in the bedroom and otherwise – the real problems arise when these spells extend into eternities. This may be the case of an underlying problem and must be looked at more seriously. However, still, the majority of this discussion is about every single variable that has kept you dry on the sex drive for a long time.

Some of the bad habits that may lead to a decrease in your libido and sexual drive are –

1) Consumption of Alcohol

Sure, alcohol is a part of not only ours but a lot of other cultures. But consume too much and may lose even more than gain in return. Drinking a drink or two now and then could uplift you and get you in the mood. But, consume too much and too regularly, and you will begin to witness (negative) changes in your levels of libido and abilities to person. Alcohol is perhaps the most widely sold and consumed depressant—which means that over time or drinking too much will lower your propensity to feel. Men can also face issues with their drive over time, achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection, and more. Women may also face problems with their levels of sex drive and may make them number towards normal feelings and sensations.

What you can do it about – If you’re not going to take a (rather long or permanent) break from it, at least slowdown. Seriously. Alcohol is a drug that keeps you wanting more as you continue to consume more. Try keeping it under control through changing your lifestyle by creating and abiding by other healthier alternatives/habits, keeping hydrated, and managing your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

2) Consumption of Caffeine

Caffeine and a dependency on it cause severe problems in individuals. Too much and too frequently, and you may experience a hormonal circus (not ever a feel-good one), erratic heart rates, occasional shakiness, prolonged fatigue (without it), increased cortisol levels (stress-producing hormone), increased blood pressure, and a lot more. Furthermore, its effects directly affect your overall libido and sexual drive levels in the long run. What you can do about it – Surely, that early morning cuppa does feel like that tempting and missing piece in the puzzle when you rise. But ask yourself this – do all those other cups after bring you the same joy as the first one in the day? Well, that’s the first way you can reduce your overall consumption. You can also try other alternatives like herbal teas, juices, or fruits that would do the trick of getting up and ready for your day.

3) Consumption of Nicotine/Tobacco

Over the years, several research and studies have shown and proven the fatal downsides of smoking. As bad as its effects on libido and sexual wellness may be, it also affects several other parts, functions, and systems in the body. In women, prolonged smoking or nicotine consumption can lead to a decline in libido and sexual drive. It can cause ED (erectile dysfunction), lethargy, decreased endurance, and more in men. It can also lead to different types of sexual dysfunction, damage to sexual organs, or infertility in both genders. What you can do about it – As much as your body may crave it, quitting something as addictive as the habit of smoking comes down to your mentality towards it. A well-known technique that has shown promising results in the past is developing a sense of detest towards all facets of and around it, including the smell, deeper reasons, additional money spent, health hazards, among other reasons you think of, or that affect you personally. Then, don’t look back. And if you don’t – for at least a few weeks – you may entirely forget all about the habit you once honed but kicked.

4) Consumption of drugs

Apart from the glaring-in-your-face physical effects of using drugs, it can also alter your state of being from within. This means that if used regularly, your body may undergo profound changes that may lead to changes in its functions. Furthermore, it can also change your thinking and cause disturbances in your thought patterns, with the main issue is not being able to gain pleasure or satisfaction from real things because you’re so addicted to how good drugs may feel. What you can do about it – Consumption and addiction to/on drugs are signs of a deeper problem within an individual. Try and reach out to resources or people for any help. While the answers do lie within you, there is no harm in learning and growing with others. Kicking the monkey would also require you to make (radical) changes in your lifestyle—something that can be learned and adopted with a determined mindset and a system of support.

5) Consumption of salt & sugar

Too much salt and sugar can significantly increase your levels of blood pressure. Sugar can dramatically increase your system’s insulin, increase your belly fat, affect your testosterone levels, anxiety levels, and cause erectile dysfunctions. Not to mention, increase your chances of getting diabetes – which will reduce your propensity to recover from any other (related) issues. What you can do about it – Learning about what you’re consuming and letting into your body is a trip within itself. It will give you a better idea of the variety of ingredients that go into your body and let you know how it reacts within your body or what effects it brings about. Blessed as we are to live in a technologically-driven and advanced world, healthier and more organic alternatives for salt & sugar are spreading fast, far, wide, and increasingly becoming a lot more available to us.

6) Consumption of antidepressants and/or pharmaceutical medicines

Most allelopathic drugs are designed and created to achieve quick relief. While this seems to be beneficial based on how quickly we need to recover to continue running the daily race again, it may not be good for you in both the short and long term. The role of antidepressants is to alter the existing chemical framework and functionality within your body so you can feel better. And although they may give you a sense of calm when you use them, the effects and potency of the other natural hormones produced naturally within your body may diminish, mainly – hormones essential for a good libido and sexual drive. Over time, they may alter and harm your overall chemical environment that can lead to a slew of several other issues. What you can do about it – What you can do about it – All the answers to however much of a conundrum the need and effects of pharmaceutical drugs/medicines pose can be found all across nature. However, this doesn’t say that technology hasn’t or cannot solve some of the issues we may face. We recommend you find the right balance between nature and technology to suit your needs. Natural, organic, and plant-based medicines like CBD and melatonin have a variety of benefits and pose extremely little to absolutely no threat to you, your libido, and your sexual drive and wellness.

7) Consumption of Unhealthy Foods

If you enjoy eating more junk food than nutritious food, you are bound to face problems in your health. Fried foods, oily foods, excessively spicy foods, synthetic foods, packaged foods, and tinned foods contain more sugar, saturated trans fats, refined carbs, etc. that cause problems like blockages in the system, slower rates of metabolism, decreased blood flow, and more. These can significantly harm your levels of libido and abilities to perform. What you can do about it – You need to harness your self-control when it comes to at least regularly binging on junk foods. There are many experienced professionals and credible educational resources that you can use to learn and understand the different types of unhealthy foods and the damage they can cause. Then, you can move on to the next step of replacing junk with nutritious and healthier foods.

8) Lack of movement, exercise, and fitness

Any kind of fitness routines, in general, help in increasing your overall happier hormones within your body. Without it, people may develop issues like anxiety, depression, more stress than is essential, general tiredness, several health-related problems, sexual dysfunctions, problems with (muscle) movements, decreased sensations, laziness, lower qualities of performance, decreased sexual drive, and more. What you can do about it – Start with something simple like yoga or tai-chi to get you into a better space. Go for that walk, jog, and/or run and make a routine out of it. Hit a gym and practice (light) weight training while also improving your cardio. And, don’t ever indulge in or do too much of it because with most things done or consumed in excess, excessive exercising can seriously damage your physical, physiological, and biological wellbeing.

9) Lower frequencies & qualities of rest, relaxation, and sleep

Not getting any of these has proven to show a severe decline in people’s health, functionality, and wellness over time. In men, it could lead to reduced testosterone levels and an increase in cortisol – a stress-inducing hormone, imbalance in blood pressure, fatigue, and a general lack of sexual desire or drive. In women, it could lead to sexual numbness – a state that may be described as not feeling like they once used to, tiredness, lack of desire and drive, difficulty in climaxing, and more. What you can do about it – Realize the importance of sleep and take steps to better its quality. Try melatonin – a sleep-inducing hormone produced naturally within the body. Or consult a physician or a sleep doctor.

10) Prolonged mismanagement of anxiety and stress

The harmful and dangerous effects of anxiety and stress mostly cannot be detected in blood reports. But, do not be mistaken; these can have some of the most devasting effects and symptoms on your overall health and wellness—including, of course, your libido and sexual wellness. Anxiety and stress are easily one of the biggest hindrances to keeping your desire and hormones raging. In fact, because of it, you may always feel the opposite of what you need to get it on with your partner. What you can do about it – Start with the basics. Learn to start paying closer attention to your body, feelings, thoughts, and every other reaction resulting from being a responsible adult. Learn about natural practices you can implement to destress yourself. Once you begin to pick up on the cues that stress you out, you will also learn how you can deal with it so that it doesn’t harm your health and wellness. Make time and space to ensure you get better qualities of relaxation and sleep. You can also try CBD for its well-known calming effects.

Some more ways in which bad habits can affect your libido and sexual drive –

  • Anorexia and obesity.
  • Not tending to your emotional self.
  • You don’t care enough about hydrating yourself.
  • You regularly skip foreplay.
  • You’re not taking care of other issues in your body that needs your attention.
  • You consume too much pornography.

To Conclude

Innately, we all are aware of what we need to be living a life of more fulfilment and satisfaction. But this doesn’t say that we shouldn’t always keep learning to improve our overall outlook of how we can get there better and in a more holistic way. Just knowing what we need is never enough. We have to keep moving and growing to attain pleasure in life across the different parts and sections of life—because life isn’t static, right? It’s fully dynamic. This means that time doesn’t ever cease to not exist and that the most authentic essence of life comes only from living each day as they come. Libido, sex, sexuality, and sexual wellness are still taboo subjects, often even in first-world countries like the USA. However, they are all a living and breathing part of everyone’s daily life and will always be until we’ve invented robots to take our place. We cannot be as sure that they wouldn’t indulge in their forms of romance. In the end, no one and nothing can stay away from their kind for too long, and even they somehow did, they would take steps to find what resembles them.


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