The impact of bad eating habits on health

You must have heard, “You are what you eat”. This means that our body reacts to the food that we consume. Undoubtedly, food is essential for our body but what if the fuel you are providing to your body is not as healthy as it should be.  

Healthy eating habits with right types of nutritional foods are the key to good health.  Good nutrition consists of a balanced diet that includes essential nutrients such as minerals, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, fats and many more. Before consuming food, it is a must that we understand what type of food our body needs? Let us delve deeper into the concept of the importance of nutrition for our overall well-being.  

How bad eating habits affect our health 

Our body acts like a machine. Its mechanism works on the food we eat. Breaking down of food in the body gives our cells the ability to perform their necessary functions. While being digested, the food involves absorbing of all essential nutrients and distributes them into the blood stream which further transfers the absorbed food into the blood vessels, coronary arteries and heart muscles.  

The types of food we eat directly affect certain organs of our body as well as impact our mental health. For example, the high sodium intake can cause the blood pressure to spike which could further lead to harder pumping of heart. This could eventually be the reason behind a heart attack or heart failure.  

Another example, we can consider is of endless and timeless snacking. Munching without knowing how many calories you must consume or without understanding its impact on your body can make you feel guilty. Mindless eating could lead to health conditions like anxiety and also may give rise to obesity and eventually severe health issues.  

Bad eating habits could make you face nutritional deficiency. In other words, poor nutrition could lead to: 

How does food affect the way we feel? 

As per some studies, a healthy diet has shown lesser risk of causing depression and related health complications. Healthy foods help in producing Serotonin that helps in regulating sleep, appetite and mood. Serotonin is produced in gastrointestinal tract which further connects with a million of nerves. These nerves not only guide the digestive system but also help in guiding our emotions. Further they act as a barrier against bad bacteria in body and limit inflammation.  

How does food help in preventing health complications? 

Many studies have found a correlation between food and physical as well as mental health. Eating the right food can transform one’s life to help in living longer. But how to inculcate healthy eating habits and what to eat in order to stay fit overall. 

Change does not happen overnight. To take a step towards being healthy physically and mentally, you should follow below steps: 

  • Consume a variety of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. 
  • Consume more whole grain and high fiber foods 
  • Keep track of your calcium intake 
  • Drink fresh water instead of acidic beverages 
  • Plan your meals ahead and buy groceries for healthy eating 
  • Avoid consuming processed and readymade foods 
  • Ditch the taste and switch over to healthy recipes 

Final Thoughts 

Though food and health are interlinked, you must consult your doctor before deciding on the quantities to be consumed per food item. To keep yourself fit, the solution is not to keep starving or craving your favorite foods. Instead, you should be able to identify the right food for you based on your health. Be sure to talk to your doctor/dietician/nutritionist before planning any diet for yourselves. 

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