The use of CBD through ages as a natural treatment

The use of CBD through ages as a natural treatment


The medicinal use of Cannabis has come a long way since ancient times. In primitive times, ancient physicians across the globe used to mix cannabis into medicines to treat certain ailments. According to WHO, almost 2.5% population worldwide consumes cannabis for medicinal purposes annually.

CBD has been widely used for its medicinal properties in varied cultures namely Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Netherlands, Ancient India, Ancient Greece and Medieval Islamic Period. In this blog, we will see how CBD has evolved with time.

The Discovery of CBD 

It has existed and been used as a natural remedy for nearly thousands and thousands of years. There is strong evidence that shows the growing and harvesting of cannabis and hemp dating back to 12000 BCE.

CBD is the most reliable product from the hemp plant and has been discovered in the 1940s by Dr. Roger Adams’ team at the University of Illinois. In 1980, the first study to understand the effects of CBD, the trial was done on a patient with epilepsy. This paved the way for the researchers to study CBD in detail for more uses. With continuous research, in 1988, the first cannabinoid receptor was discovered.

CBD Usage in Different Ancient Cultures Worldwide:

  • Ancient Egypt – There is evidence that supports the use of CBD by Egyptians for relieving the pain of hemorrhoids and sore eyes.
  • Ancient Netherlands – The CBD was tried with a small portion of meadowsweet and the conclusion came out to be fruitful for bearing the fever reducing properties.
  • Ancient Greece – CBD was highly appreciated for being effective in treating wounds and sores on the horses of the Greeks. In addition, seeds and dried leaves of Cannabis were very helpful in removing tapeworms and nose bleed respectively.
  • Medieval Islamic Period – These ancient people had used CBD against several health issues for being anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and analgesic.
  • Ancient India – In India, CBD had been used to treat insomnia, headaches gastrointestinal disorders, and other pains. But it has also proven beneficial to relieve the pain of childbirth.
  • Ancient China – The use of Cannabis Sativa was prevalent in ancient China for many years and was an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.

The parts of the cannabis plant can be used for different types of treatments – the leaf of the plant can be used to treat cough, asthma. The seeds of the plant can be utilized as laxatives. Likewise, it is used as pain relief, treat insomnia, calm the nerves and many more.

The Ban and the Legalization of CBD

In 1937, with the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act, marijuana and all types of cannabis were put to a halt. These were banned completely throughout the United States. With the passing of time, people started to gain more interest in the use of CBD because of its immense benefits. In 2018, the law changed with few amendments. Hemp and CBD have been removed from being defined as an illegal drug.

The Future of CBD

Future_of_CBDCBD has evolved drastically in the recent past with advanced development, research and legislative changes. Manufacturers are now offering a wide array of CBD products to be used regularly. There are certain significant reasons that we can think of CBD’s future as positive –

1. Products Variety and Innovation – Today in the market you can find a wide range of CBD products like edible gummies, CBD oil, CBD salve, CBD Lotion etcetera. You can buy CBD flowers and smoke them with puffs. If not, you can buy CBD oil and use it with your food or swallow a drop of it directly. CBD is also flourishing in the form of topical creams, vaporizers and cartridges.

2. Increased Competition – The competition in the field of CBD is rapidly increasing with the rising interest of consumers. Thousands of businesses are competing which means to be the top leader with their brand, there are high chances of developing varieties of CBD.

The Bottom Line

In the near future, we can expect CBD to be an irreplaceable part of our lives for its exclusive and effective benefits. We may find restaurants offering special food items cooked in CBD oil only. Likewise, consumer acceptance may grow if the government passes better regulations of CBD usage.

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