Top 8 ways that exercise can boost sex drive for males and females

Top 8 ways that exercise can boost sex drive for males and females


We all know that exercise is good for health to keep oneself fit and healthy, but it can also help in boosting the sex drive. Studies have shown that regular exercise can put your sex drive in high gear and helps improve your performance between the sheets.

Benefits of exercise for men to boost sex drive and libido:

1. May reduce Erectile Dysfunction –


The inability to make an erection could be due to multiple reasons like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, low testosterone, psychological issues, blood flow problems, hormone fluctuation, and nerve damage. Not being able to achieve an erection could make your relationship suffer. Though there are certain medications to treat this issue, you should also try natural ways of treating it, like regular exercising. – In 2003, a study was conducted on 31742 men aged from 53 to 90 years.

It revealed that men who were physically active had better erections than those who were having little to no physical activities. – Another study from the University of West in the United Kingdom found that 40% of men regained normal erection with practicing pelvic exercises.

Benefits of exercise for women to boost sex drive and libido:

1. May improve sexual arousal –


Studies have found that women who exercise are benefitted differently from men in terms of sexual arousal. Regular exercise in women raises the levels of an enzyme in their bodies that help in arousal by increasing the blood flow. Research has also found that changes in the libido are affected by nervous system functioning and hormonal changes. Performing regular exercise is likely to enhance sexual arousal and satisfaction.

In an unusual experiment, young women were used as subjects and were told to do cycling for only 20 minutes and later watch an X-rated film. They were administered by a device to assess the vaginal blood flow that showed greater physiological arousal than those who did not do any exercise before watching the film.

2. May improve menopause symptoms –


The menopause phase tends to impact every woman’s life adversely. It can impair the women’s quality of life by affecting her physical, mental, and sexual health. A research review published in 2020 stated that exercises are more likely to be useful during this transitional phase and relieve certain issues such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, or night sweats.

How is exercise helpful in boosting libido for both – males and females?

Exercise can improve sexual performance in many ways for everyone –

1. Reduces Stress


Stress affects the brain and nerve connections. Exercise boosts feel good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin. Scientists have found that regular exercising can reduce the levels of stress, depression, and anxiety to stabilize mood and improve sleep.

2. Maintains blood pressure


High blood pressure can prove detrimental to both men and women. Decreased blood flow interferes with the erection in men while it also impacts arousal in women or causes vaginal dryness, difficulty in achieving orgasm. These kinds of incidents could further lead to anxiety and relationship issues. Making certain lifestyle changes and following a regular exercise regime can maintain blood pressure and improve sexual function.

3. Boosts Stamina


Exercising and pushing yourself during the workout is the key to boosting stamina. Work on your body but do not push it excessively to work hard. If you do rigorous exercise daily, you may find your intensity getting lower and lower instead of boosting stamina. Workouts done with all precautions can help you improve your heart health, endurance and make you last longer in bed.

4. Improved Sense of Attractiveness


Being sexy is a big part of sex. A study in 2010 has shown that body image, weight, physical appearance matter for sexual satisfaction in women. It states that physical attractiveness is of the utmost importance for women in middle age when the body is likely to undergo changes. On the other hand, regular exercising makes you shed those extra fat and kilos from the body and gives your body a redefined look and makes it attractive.

5. May Improve Sexual Aging



Several studies have shown that exercise can help improve sexual aging. As you age, your body starts showing signs of weakness, and you slowly start losing interest in physical activities. Regular exercising helps in boosting feel-good hormones at all ages and keeps you stress-free so that you can enjoy your couple’s time. Research conducted by the National Institutes of Aging (NIA) stated that joint problems were the causing hindrance to sexual activities of the subjects. The organization suggested that regular exercise can decrease the symptoms of joint pain.

The Bottom Line

Exercise is excellent for overall health, including sexual health. A weak core while trying to please your partner could lead to exhaustion and a devastating impact on the relationship. In our next blog, we will see what type of exercises are the best to boost sex drive. Stay Tuned!

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