Libido plainly said is a person's sex drive; it is the instinct and desire for sexual activity. Our Libido can be affected by medical conditions, medications, even hormone level. Psychological issues such as depression, stress, and problems in your lifestyle and relationshops can also be causes of low Libido. Both women and men can experience low Libido. Factors which can lower Libido can also contribute to erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction problems.


How to Treat Low Libido

  • Manage you Anxiety and stress
  • Improve your Diet,
  • Excercise Regularly
  • Get Enough Sleep,
  • Cut Down on the Alcohol
  • Change your Medication
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy or Estrogen Replacement Therapy or Estrogen Replacement Therapy
  • Try Herbal Remedies
  • Counselling


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