Unique Selling Proposition

Ingeni provides a solution for persons at risk of metabolic diseases that provides a complete
solution to our partners and customers, the following outlines our USP:

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Complete program for prevention & reversal of:


Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiovascular diseases, & other at-risk health concerns


Cost effective Monthly Subscription & Family plan
to support family health and wellness


Seniors Health Wearable with 2-way voice, fall
protection, & geo-fencing for loved ones


Employer Sponsored Health Plans that provide Employee improved workplace culture & measurable ROI using aggregated data showing initial employee baseline & improvements


AI Diet & Nutrition platform with DNA profiles providing individual evidence-based solutions


Early detection and intervention is key to Diabetes
prevention and reducing Cardio Vascular diseases

Frequent screening identifies individuals with high risk of type 2 Diabetes 2.2 years earlier

Pre-Diabetes harms your heart the same way that Diabetes does.

Extra sugar in your blood causes inflammation in your blood vessels and damages them.

Over time that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

There is no cure or disease-modifying treatment for Type 1 Diabetes mellitus. However, Pre-Diabetes & Type 1 Diabetes are reversible.

Non – Invasive

No risk of infection & complications

Convenient and painless

Low Cost

Subscription base

Diet, Nutrition, Sleep & Activity Tracking with sharing to family members

Frequent & Hassle Free

Wireless data transmission

On Demand Data Measurement

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