What is a Holistic Lifestyle?

What Is A Holistic Lifestyle’, You Ask? Just Read This Short Story. 

Not a true story, but a story with quite a bit of truth. 


You’re on your way to the highly-praised and widely-known motorcycle workshop in town; one that only accepts new customers through selective invitations they would only very seldomly send out. You’re glad that you’re finally close now to acquiring an assured – top-notch and fully-loaded motorcycle – something you’d always dreamed of possessing for yourself. 


You’d already envisioned what your dream bike would somewhat look-like. Also, some bits of how grand the workshop would look like and be. When you get there, you are somewhat taken aback by the overall simplicity and utter attention to detail and organization that seems to be pervasive throughout the shop. 


Soon you’re speaking to the one who sent you the invite and quickly become eager to check the massive display of their most amazing motorcycles; something that there didn’t seem to be much of in the main working area which also happens to be the biggest area in the overall complex. 


When you bring it up, you are reminded that theirs is a unique shop. Here they will prepare, gather, and assemble everything as per the precise needs and wishes of the customer i.e., right from the color of the paint job (obviously), the exact selection of the framework and mechanical parts, to the type of polishing the different surfaces would need or even length of the choke. 


You are intrigued. You’ve wanted the best for a long time. And it looks like you are going to get just that, perhaps even more than what you’d expected. 


The people at the workshop then inform you that there was just one caveat if you were to create/get your best and perfect motorcycle from them. It is that you would have to go through some lessons/training about some of the aspects of the bike along with some of the processes involved in its creation/transformation – from individual components to a fully-functional motorcycle – fit for almost any kind of terrain. 


Now you’re not entirely sure if you’ve come to the right place. But, at the same time, you cannot ignore the facts like their stunning masterpieces you’ve seen roaring on the roads that had always left you bedazzled, and that you’d waited two whole years to get through their gates. 


With some reservations still looming somewhere within, you agree to go ahead with it. 


Once you’re ready to begin, they give you lessons on the various components, assembly procedures, techniques along with the time some of the processes would take to create your dream motorcycle. They also take you through a wide range of options for varieties available for each of the aspects and components of the bike. 


You hadn’t entirely believed it at first, but you’d heard a variety of stories and seen the glow and sparkle in the eyes of some of your peers who had told you about the sheer brilliance and magnificence of this particular workshop. Halfway through your learning process, you’re already happy and more than gripped with the tasteful knowledge you were receiving. 


Soon, you begin to realize that you are now able to visualize your dream bike a whole lot better, and in a more wholesome way. This means, fully knowing (and understanding) not only how your bike is going to look with you on it, but also how it needs to function to give you the kind of performance you’ve always longed for. 


Your well-informed and appropriately focused visualization has now given you the clearest picture of the perfect motorcycle tailored exactly to all of your needs, and just as easily, you are able to communicate it exactly the way it’s in your head to the ones who are going to create it for you. 


A few months later, when you’re informed that your bike is fully-ready, you can hardly believe how great it’s turned out to be. A lot more than what you’d imagined it to be. 


While soaking in all of the ecstasy and joy while on your first ride on it, you fully realize just how important it was to be able to learn and understand not only what it was you’ve always wanted, but also what it was you needed – something that wasn’t the case when you first stepped into the workshop. 


This as-true-as-it-can-possibly-get feeling then makes you take a sacred vow to yourself that going forward, you will not only apply this process of learning and understanding before indulging in the maintenance of your brand-new bike – which as informed by the people at the workshop that bikes are different than other motor vehicles in the sense that it will not deplete in overall quality if properly looked after – but also to every other department of your life. 


Ten years later, as you’re cruising through the Grand Canyon having just attended a nationwide seminar as one of its main panellists’’, you realize deep within your heart that on that particular day, when you entered that workshop for the first time, you made all the right choices. Your smile broadens as your whole being smoothly eases into a state of bliss – a truly heightened state you only recently discovered to be as real as the same flawless and unscathed motorcycle you’d ridden out of the workshop a decade ago. 


Now, replace creating your dream motorcycle with creating your dream life, and the workshop with the main pillars of your existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and you’ve got the ultimate blueprint for creating the most appropriate, tailor-made, and a perfect holistic lifestyle for yourself. 

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