What is Organic CBD? And, What Are Its Benefits?

What is Organic CBD? And, What Are Its Benefits?


In today’s virus-stricken world, it has become increasingly important to move towards a more sustainable and renewed set of resources that ensure overall health and benefit of not only one’s self but also their environment.

So, when it comes to choosing between organically produced and/or non-organically produced products (especially consumables), it’s a no-brainer to choose the former.

Organically produced anything is always a far better option of receiving maximum benefits while causing the least amount of harm. But, producing any kind of product organically isn’t always easy; especially with all the stringent laws that govern its overall processes still at large.

Fully organic products often require a lot more dedication and effort to produce and harvest than a simpler and cheaper option of producing them inorganically.

When it comes to organic CBD, the Farm Bill signed in 2018 has been a God-send for producers who have long awaited the governing bodies to rule in their favour of providing superior products to their customers.

So, What Exactly is Organic CBD?


Firstly, producing organic CBD is a much longer and harder process than producing it inorganically. This is because there is a string of additional commitments that have to be afforded right from how (and where) the plant is grown, to the final makeup of the products; and everything in between like handling, designing, packaging, and distribution of the products.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a product may only be deemed organic if the following criterion is met –

  • The crop has been grown on soil that hasn’t in any way been in contact with certain prohibited substances (found mostly in certain fertilizers and pesticides) for at least three years.
  • The use of genetically engineered and modified seeds is strictly prohibited. This means that no product can be deemed organic if the seeds that produced them were structurally changed in any way.
  • No synthetic or prohibited-by-law substances can be used when it comes to harvesting, maintaining, and/or handling the crop or products in any way.
  • When it comes to handling and distribution, no inorganically produced crops or other inorganic substances are allowed to come in contact with the organically produced crops/products because such incidents can contaminate, or worse, ruin the fully-natural capacity and properties of the output.

The signing of the Farm Bill in 2018 has allowed for the legal growth, cultivation, distribution, and sale of Industrial Grade Hemp throughout the United States. This in turn has enabled producers to not only legally grow and sell CBD/Hemp products but to also step up their game and produce fully-organic varieties of their products – as has been permitted under the new federally approved legislature.

Although to fully earn the official ‘organic’ certification with products related to CBD/Hemp, producers need to follow the guidelines laid out by the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program.

What Are the Benefits of Consuming Organic CBD?

  • Free of Artificial or Harmful Additions/Contaminations


Organic farming is the overall cultivation of crops in the most natural way possible. This means that right from the process of conceptualization to the sale of the final product that comes from where the plant was organically grown, one will not find any kind of application of any substances that aren’t found/produced entirely by nature.

Most harmful substances include pesticides, fertilizers, and/or any kind of artificially produced chemical substances that more than usually ends up not only contaminating the crop and final product but also polluting the environment and leaving behind a negative mark beyond the present time.

  • Best Possible Use of All Resources


Not only does organic farming enable the overall conservation of water, but it also allows for the protection of water resources by not polluting them with harmful chemical substances.

Organic farmers employ methods of farming that make the best possible use of naturally occurring amenities while also constantly striving towards creating an overall sustainable practice that conserves these resources for the present and the future.

Mulch and animal manure are among the most widely used naturally occurring substances to treat the soil and in turn the overall output.

  • Creation of a Highly Pure, Natural, and Fully Sustainable Final Product


One of the biggest benefits of using products that are derived through organic farming is perhaps the most obvious – maximum benefit to the consumer with the lowest possible negative effect on the producers and the environment as a whole.

Consumption of a natural product has a variety of additional health benefits to the consumers – as has been proved several times. And, there can always be found a higher and purer amount and value of nutrients in the organically produced products as opposed to when produced inorganically.

  • Major Benefit to the Environment by Promoting Biodiversity


Organic farming as a whole brings with it a healthier atmosphere and environment in and around where it is being carried out. This in turn allows the area to develop extremely good resistance and resilience when it comes to dealing with any kind of disruptions or disasters.

Furthermore, all of the fauna and flora around the area are exposed to a chemical-free and holistic environment that enables flourishing growth – in a way that nature has consistently and fruitfully carried out for long before we ever arrived.

Organic farming also helps combat global warming by minimizing the overall release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and environment.

  • Enables an Overall Healthy Environment and Benefit for Farmers/Producers


Working with naturally occurring and other organic products/substances provides for a much healthier and safer work environment as opposed to working alongside a looming presence of mostly-hazardous chemical substances.

The use of healthier material also creates an overall healthier atmosphere which in turn curbs the influx of plant or animal-based diseases.

Additionally, organic farming also gives farmers/producers the opportunity of earning more through reducing overall expenditure (mostly because less can be done with more) while also being able to charge some more because of the higher efficacy of the final products produced.

To Conclude

When it comes to taking good care of our own and of mother nature’s health, organic CBD is something a regular consumer should always seek to purchase. This is because, in addition to receiving a highly pure product, organically produced CBD/Hemp ensures a healthier environment for everyone and everything else around us.

Based on our current life scenario and situation, it is of vital importance to strive towards cultivating and nurturing a way of life that will not only benefit us but also our generations in the future. Not to mention, foster an overall healthy atmosphere and environment for the planet we call our home.

So, simply buy organic, and grow better!

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