Why You Should Have SALVE in Your Medicinal Cabinet!

Why You Should Have SALVE in Your Medicinal Cabinet!


CBD has been at the center in this current age of re-progressing back to more natural and sustainable practices of achieving better healthcare & health. And rightfully so because at any given time during our history, cannabis has played a vital role in improving the well-being of the earth’s inhabitants, albeit silently for most parts.

Today, we’re presented with the unique opportunity of raising the awareness and use of this magical plant we’ve been gifted with. As consumers, we should pay better & closer attention to the best available remedies in the market. And, because of the COVID-19 situation, there hasn’t been a better opportunity to place your faith in nature for more appropriate remedies.

Today, we’re going to discuss Salves, what their benefits are, and the much appreciated – Hemp-infused Salves. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

What Is A Salve?


A salve is a medicinal solution that can be applied to the skin to provide relief from aches, bruises, burns, itches, and more. People use salves as a type of topical that brings healing and protection to the areas where they are applied.

Salves contain essential oils. Some of the oils include almond, apricot, coconut, olive, sunflower, and more. The final choice of oil used in a salve depends on the particular overall objective of the desired product because each oil carries its own set of properties and benefits.

Salves also employ certain types of wax’ to bind all the ingredients together in an efficient way. Beeswax is one of the most commonly used wax in salves.

The oil and wax ingredients ensure the overall mixture is semi-solid with a pleasant level of consistency, stability, and thickness throughout.

Today’s salves are multi-faceted-&-functional and can be used to serve a variety of purposes.

The Benefits of Salves

Helps with aches and pains


One of the primary uses of salves is to heal aches and pains in the body. Salves are easy to use and often contain the right mix of healing ingredients to boost your body’s recovery process. Salves with CBD can provide some of the best healing properties because of their amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

Moisturizes your skin


Salves are known for fighting skin dryness by providing adequate moisture to the skin. Our skin is naturally highly absorbent. Unlike many other types of mostly softer topicals, Salves don’t dissolve too easily and can provide long-lasting moisture. Entirely automatically, salves become the number one choice for people with drier skin.

Battles cracks and wrinkles


Salves contain a number of essential ingredients like oils, CBD, terpenes, waxes, and more. Each of their elements comes together to provide an enriching effect on the skin and much of what’s beneath or within it. Salves can deliver strength and also enable better repair and rejuvenation of the skin.

Provides nourishment and vitality


Salves are thicker than most topicals which are more on the creamier and/or softer side. This allows them to stick onto the skin for longer—creating a protective barrier between the outside elements and your skin. The additional benefit of salves is that while also acting as a barrier, they can also heal and nourish your skin health to ensure better overall vitality.

Heals burns and rashes


Certain ingredients in salves can provide cooling effects on the skin when applied. In addition to this, the other ingredients in salves are also capable of healing and providing different forms of relief. The overall compound effect of salves can heal the body and skin from burns and rashes better, quicker, and in a more wholesome way.

A CBD-Infused Salve Is Definitely a Yes!

CBD_infused_Salve_a_YesCBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that contains several therapeutic benefits and properties. Some of them are anti-inflammatory properties, calming and relaxing effects, and a lot more.

CBD is increasingly being used with several different types of products around the world. When it comes to salves, CBD is a perfect ingredient because it blends seamlessly with the other elements to provide a compound effect and boost the overall effectiveness of the product.

Ingeni Organic CBD Salve

Our luxurious 900mg full-spectrum CBD-infused salve will nourish your skin, eliminate cracks, soothe sore muscles, support your joints, and calm your spirits.

Our proprietary product is made from 100% USDA organic hemp and natural & organic essential oils (including arnica), making our CBD salve silky smooth. Our product is well-suited to use in every weather so you can always enjoy the best in skin moisturization & wellness!

Enjoy all the benefits in beauty, relief, and relaxation our full-spectrum hemp salve has to offer.

To Conclude

We’re living in the most advanced stage of overall human progress. And, as access to better natural ingredients and technology has become increasingly available, we’re the lucky ones to receive the most advanced versions of everything. In a similar context, today’s salves can provide a broader and more potent range of specific or overall benefits.

We should definitely look towards incorporating the best possible products to better our particular needs for our health & wellness. Use all that will help to improve your overall well-being.

Visit www.ingenihealth.com to learn more about our CBD-infused salves along with a wide range of other beneficial health & wellness products.

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