Your Body Always Deserves the Best!  

Your Body Always Deserves the Best!

How are you going to do the things you like to and want to do if you aren’t able to care for yourself? 


Let’s forget about everything we’ve learned in the past. Let’s focus on the present and learn the things that will enable us to get where we really want to be. But, how are we going to get there? With what? And, what does it exactly take? 

Even upon a bit of pondering, one will inevitably arrive at the conclusion that HEALTH is the important thing anyone will ever need to do the things they really want to do. For without it, none of it will ever be possible. With it, you will have what you need to get ahead in your life.

Good health always leads a good life, and a good life will always give you the very best of what you seek. 

What is the Body?

At Ingeni, we love to think of the body as a ship. Ships exist for a variety of reasons like commutation, leisure, transportation, business, trading, and a lot more. Although, no ship can ever reach its course or fulfill its essential functions without a captain at the helm. Yes, every ship requires an able captain to guide the ship right from the roughest storms to the smoothest waters; but what is a captain going to do if there are faults in the ship? No captain, no matter how accomplished or smart, will ever be able to do anything or reach any destination without a ship that works – at the very least – well enough to carry out its base functions.

On the other hand, a (fully) functional ship lead by an able captain can not only perform all of its duties well but also do so in a way that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – The Buddha 

Why Does Your Body Deserve the Best?

Well, for starters, try completing your tasks or accomplishing anything else through your day with a headache or a bad stomach; as opposed to doing the same things with a clear/painless mind and a normally functioning stomach. 

The problem with the majority of us is that we do not realize what we have until we’re exposed to the reality of not having enough of it, or worse, not having any of it at all. It’s true, learning through the hardships of one’s own experiences teaches us as nothing else can, but why wait until all is lost? Why not begin today? Why not begin right now! Even if it’s starting small. After all, much like achieving anything in life, requires being patient and smart enough to start small with a thorough-enough focus on what one’s future should look like. One bite at a time. One inch at a time. One step at a time. This is the only best way to begin and get set for all of the things we want in our lives.

When it comes to something as important as one’s health – on which much of everything else is at stake – it is crucial to start as soon as is possible and get a head-start. This investment will only do good to any kind of aspirations one may already have or might learn in the future.

So, How Does One Improve the Health of Their Body? 

‘You are what you eat.’ – In some form or another, everyone has heard of this saying. Why? Because there is just so much truth attached to this statement that it can’t be missed or overlooked. 

If the body is a car, then what we eat is the fuel that propels it. Without the right kind of fuel and a consistent amount of it, no kind of car – no matter how superior the make of it is – isn’t going to get too far ahead. This is besides the fact that the wrong kind of fuel might endanger the engine and the quality of the internal mechanism of it – which will inevitably lead to its untimely destruction.

Thus, nutrition is everything we receive from everything we ingest. And, the quality of nutrition we receive directly correlates to the quality of what we ingest. A good nutritious diet leads to good functionality of the body which in turn leads to a healthier body and a happier life. 

Supplemental Aids 

Although a nutritious diet should cover most nutrients that the body needs for essential functionality, not everyone is fortunate enough to receive one, and even if they do, some bodies either aren’t able to fully-absorb and reap the full benefits of the nutrients from what is ingested. 

Keeping aside several of the (medically) complicated reasons as to why these situations might arise or occur, let us turn towards what we can do instead of losing out on what is essential to our bodies and health. The answer is simple – supplemental aids or supplements – are made up of powders or liquids and are readily available as over-the-counter pills at most local medical stores. 

Their function is simple too. To aid the body with all the necessary nutrients that it isn’t being able to get from a natural diet. Some of the most commonly available and consumed supplements are vitamins (B-12/C/D), minerals, proteins, calcium, iron, omega-3 (fish oil), CBD, melatonin, and zinc. 

Exercise & Fitness

Right from the beginning of our history, perhaps the most widely known and indulged in forms of improving one’s bodily health is exercise and maintaining good levels of fitness. As time has passed, and as our advancements in medical science, technology, and overall know-how have increased, we have learned that exercise indeed is one of the best ways of not only maintaining overall health but also creating it.

Some of the (very obvious) benefits of exercise are –  

  • Strengthening bones and muscles  
  • Maintaining and managing one’s weight  
  • Improving overall levels of energy and vitality  
  • Reduces levels of anxiety and stress in the body  
  • Releases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin  
  • Aids in relaxation and improving quality of sleep  
  • Improves your sex life  
  • Improves focus and memory   

Creating a routine for regular exercise and working out is one of the best and most natural ways of boosting one’s overall health and is definitely high up in our list of what one should provide their bodies with. 

Take Less Stress 

Stress is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of a healthy life and lifestyle. Although, not all stress can be construed as bad stress because some stress is necessary to have a more beneficial fruitful life, continual or chronic stress with a negative impact on the body and mind can lead to a slew of other problems in overall life.

Problems like emotional distress, migraines, stomach issues, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, blood pressure issues, sexual problems, and more. 

The good news is that stress like several other things in life is quite manageable. There are a lot of well-known ways in which we can reduce stress in our lives. Becoming aware of and putting to use the abundant resources that are available today is the first and most important step we can take towards enhancing our bodies for living a stress-free life. 


Sleep is the new sex. Many of us will relate to this while the pandemic and the lockdowns are still in play. Pervasive through most of life we are aware of, rest and sleep are as essential as the things we are able and want to do when we aren’t asleep.

A good night’s sleep gives us the recovery we need on a consistent basis because no matter what – our bodies and minds need the space and time to recuperate so we can live life with a consistent amount of energy – something that is highly essential in propelling us forward in life. 


Love is the answer – Albert Einstein.

Finally, we need to love the life we’ve been gifted with, along with learning to love ourselves. In this context of giving our bodies the very best, self-love trumps everything else. Self-love is basically learning to love ourselves in a way that will enable us to feel good about who we are and everything we are made up of. Without it, nothing else will fall into place. 

Of all the emotions that are known to exist, love is perhaps the strongest and the most ubiquitous of them all. When you truly undertake your journey towards loving yourself more, you will inevitably learn a lot more about yourself. And soon you will reach areas of growth and prosperity that otherwise eluded you. We say undertake the journey because there are always things we have been ingrained with since our early days – notions that simply do not serve us when it comes to fulfillment. 

To Conclude

Remember, your body is a vessel for everything you will ever experience in your life. Yes, at the helm of it lies your mind that will guide you through it, but without a healthy vessel, a strong mind of any scale will not be able to experience everything it deserves and wants.

Taking care of our bodies is not a process but a beautiful lifelong journey that only leads to a variety of benefits to the ones who truly undertake it. And although today’s world is utterly fast-paced and filled with a lot of information that may lead to some confusion, it is of crucial importance to learn right and implement as much as we can to improve our lives in the best way we can. 

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