Your Sweet Craving May Just Be an Underlying Sign of Dehydration!

Your Sweet Craving May Just Be an Underlying Sign of Dehydration!


If you’ve ever spoken to a doctor or health professional regarding your sugar & sweet cravings, you’ve got to have got this one most commonly – “How much water have you been drinking?”.

Fine, we’ll tell you this right now. Your craving of eating anything sweet – sudden as it may be or seem – is most likely a sign of dehydration in your body. Dehydration is a state of being characterized by depletion or insufficiency of essential fluids and/or water within the body.

When the body is depleted of an optimum level of fluids like blood and/or water, it cannot appropriately metabolize glycogen (stored glucose) across the body efficiently or has it does typically/should.

Glycogen is essential for your daily and overall wellbeing because it is the food & fuel that all cells in your body thrive upon, so it can provide it with energy to function.

Not consuming enough water and/or consuming too many sugary foods adds to the overall tension on your body and its mechanism. And, if you’re regularly acquainted or exposed to this state, you’re simply increasing your chances of developing some severe problems that can be seriously detrimental to your overall health.

In this blog, we will see why you may be craving sweets, if or how does sugar dehydrates your body, along with some life-enhancing tips to help you control/manage your sweet cravings.

Why Am I Craving Sweets?


Glycogen is the most essential food & fuel for cells within your body. Glycogen is nothing but stored glucose within your muscles, liver, and other parts of your body. So, when cells and other essential components across your body can adequately receive their supply of glycogen – they provide you, your body, and your mind with energy in return.

Without enough of it, you will feel drained, which will make you feel like you need a boost. And, more often than not, the reason why this glycogen-related energy crisis occurs is that your body doesn’t have enough fluids and/or water to transport the glycogen in and around the body. In more folks than not, this feeling and sensation manifest in the form of sugar or sweet craving, even for the people who do not particularly like eating much of the sweet stuff.

Here, your body is trying to tell you something. It is saying it needs a boost in energy. The body – and intuition – is clever (and stupid) and knows that based on past experiences, when you might’ve indulged it with the sweet stuff during times of your cravings and indeed did receive a boost in energy, it tends to want it again. However, this is nothing but a sign of dehydration within the body, i.e., a lack of enough fluid and/or water to transport glycogen to make it available to cells across various regions of the body to provide energy to it.

Is Sugar Dehydrating?


Yes, it is. As discussed, our cells need glycogen produced in the liver and gut to carry its functions of providing the body with energy. We also mentioned that the glycogen is carried to these cells through fluids and/or water. The most abundantly found fluid responsible for carrying & maintaining glycogen, oxygen, and several other nutrients and other essential substances across the body is blood.

So, when we consume foods filled with sugar, our blood directly absorbs the by-products produced from the liver or the gut. In this particular case or situation of too much sugar, our blood will automatically absorb and possess the high-sugar content from the gut.

We’ve all learned about the several and sometimes severe damages caused to our bodies because of high sugar levels in our blood – diabetes being one of the most prominent. To curb the overall exasperation in the body, our cells and other water-needing-&-holding parts release some of their water content to allow the blood to absorb it to regulate and stabilize its overall content proportions and bring it back into a more balanced state.

This is the very definition of dehydration, i.e., when your cells lose water or are depleted of it. And, this is why we feel even more thirsty after consuming foods that are rich in sugar.

NOTE – Never consume sugary foods if you’ve been consuming not-enough amounts of water or are experiencing dehydration of any of its usual symptoms like sweet craving, dizziness, decreased urination, dry mouth, fatigue, and headaches.

Some Tips to Control & Manage Your Sugar/Sweet Cravings


  • Drink more water.
  • Detoxify your body & mind from the craving.
  • Move towards a more holistic lifestyle.
  • Pay more attention to understanding the deeper problems.
  • Learn & understand more about your risk versus reward.
  • Meditate or increase your body-awareness and overall mindfulness through other natural & sustainable practices to learn better about yourself.
  • Consume less artificial foods and consume more natural & real foods.
  • Chew (sugar-free) gum.
  • Adopt and follow a disciplined diet and eating habits.
  • Walk, jog, or run it off.
  • All good things come with increased awareness and better education.

To Conclude

Water may just single handedly be the number one weapon or source of strength in your battle against the sometimes-erratic, sometimes-incessant sugar & sweet craving.

Dehydration is among the leading causes of various & all-around health-related problems. However, you can easily adopt a lot of natural ways to kick it back into extinction.

Focus on achieving a better overall balance in your body. Learn more about the signs & symptoms of common issues like dehydration and take proactive steps towards building healthier habits. Eventually, these healthier habits are the ones that will give you the best of everything in your life; happiness is one of the main ones on the list.

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